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Bluehost Hosting

Though only founded in 2003, bluehost dates back to 1996; and you do not make it through more than a decade of successful operation without proving yourself considerably reliable to your customers, which bluehost hosting has managed to do, not only one of the largest but also most innovative host providers on the market, making available a host of products within its cloud based range of solutions.

Operating out of Wasatch Mountains in Utah, bluehost web hosting chooses to discard the age old practice of breaking hosting products and services into a collection of varying packages, instead electing to make available its entire slew of offerings, including bluehost discount and bluehost coupon provisions, within the confines of a single package; not only designed to ensure maximum efficacy with regards to meeting all the needs of all the different facets of an organization but further strengthening the average bluehost promo with some of the best prices on offer. Visit the following web page – best Blue host discounted price To avail the $2.95 for one month hosting,

The primary idea behind this singular package lies in blue host and its determination to make hosting services available to all manner of budget constrained individuals and small businesses, this only acting to further the blue host name as one of quality and consideration.

Talk about performance and blue host immediately jumps to the front of the line; with hosting companies largely unable to provide perfect %100 uptime and reliability, taking into account the varying elements likely to disparage this achievement, bluehost hosting comes as close as can be achieved, with %99 uptime; this can be imputed to bluehost hosting’ OC-48 backbone which provides optimum connectivity, complemented by its systems’ dual 64 bit semprons, this, along with backup power units and monitoring systems only further justifying favorable bluehost pricing. Godaddy is a another company with fantastic web hosting features and pricing. Read Godaddy review and pricing details at

Technical support – bluehost hosting doesn’t skimp in its efforts to bring quality customer support to its users; with technical support staff available through six out of seven days of the week, one can make contact through phone, the ticketing system and live chat.

It is true that live chat isn’t always available; but that being said the support staff is exceedingly friendly and will bend over backwards to ensure the quick resolution of all your problems, always making an effort to break the crux of your issues down using understandable language.

That being said, the FAQ has proven itself more than detailed enough to meet the various needs of clients, packed with answers to all manner of problems and will usually render contact with customer support unnecessary, if used properly.

This firm’s offering of features extends further than the blue host coupon, and will include a litany of unlimited features such as bandwidth, disc space, domains, email accounts and so much more; blue host also makes available e-commerce tools crucial in the creation of online shopping sites, allowing for the utilization of multimedia elements, including support for programming languages such as CGI, Ruby on Rails, PHP and MySQL databases. Blue Host also offers plans for Managed WordPress Hosting, though their shared hosting is more popular. Their competition WPEngine has wordpress hosting solutions that are priced at almost 4 times their price (Get Managed WordPress Hosting from WP Engine at

The control panel, cPanel, is also quite wide ranging in its offering of features, including analytical tools designed to collect statistical data, email management, security tools, forums etc.

To call bluehost hosting the answer to your hosting problems wouldn’t be an over exaggeration. Visit a coupon site before you buy Bluehost hosting to get the best Bluehost promo offer.

A look at Hostgator Web Hosting

Established in 2002, a look at hostgator web hosting reveals a globally relevant hosting firm, operating in more than 200 countries around the world and boasting of a 750 man strong work force dedicated to providing optimum Dedicated, Shared, reseller and VPS services to the 8,000,000 or so domains hosted on a top of the line collection of internet servers.

Holding a coveted spot on the list of ten largest and most popular hosting services in the world, hostgator hosting has managed to achieve great notoriety over its decade of operation by adapting its various services to the diverse needs of individual business, both great and small, bringing a personalized touch to individual customers in making available a whole host of packages at the most favorable charges; hostgator pricing augmented by attractive hostgator coupon codes.

Guaranteed customer satisfaction is further complimented by 45 day money back guarantee policies designed to mitigate risk.

Many a hostgator review has been known to commend hostgator web hosting for its rich offering of reliable features, these including:

  1. Unlimited hosting offers such as bandwidth, disk space and domains.
  2. Effective control panel with a low learning curve.
  3. Guaranteed 99% uptime.
  4. 45 day money back guarantee that voids risk for uncertain clients
  5. IN addition to these key hostgator features, the firm makes available a whole host of secondary offers, designed to provide additional aid to customer efforts, these free features including over 4000 site templates, website designing and development tools, fifty two free and easily installable scripts along with free website, domain, MySQL and script transfers. You may avail similar unlimited features with Bluehost web hosting. Read about Bluehost pricing on their website.
  6. The $100 Google Ad words offer is merely the icing on the cake.
  7. With effective application hosting elements constituting word Press, Magento, Joomla and Wiki hosting, the control panel stands at the core host gator and its reputation as a truly effective web hosting service.
  8. Host gator web hosting utilizes cPanel, the most popular web management tool on the market, bringing to the table its own menagerie of features and facets, these including free shopping cart and forum software.
  9. It is also armed with various tools in the nature of webalizer, error logs and AWstats, statistical devices used through cPanel to analyze the various elements constituting one’s hosting account.
  10. Host gator web hosting doesn’t skimp on options either, diverse in its offering of programming languages (Ruby on Rails, CGI, Python and SSI to mention but a few), Cron Job scheduling made available alongside SSH Access with regards to system management, as well s unlimited phpMyAdmin Access MySQL database tools.
  11. Customer support mechanisms are dependable and reliable; the English speaking staff is not only competent but dedicated, easily accessible via email (the ticket system), phone and live chat, 24 hours of all 7 days of all weeks of the year. Hostpapa is one hosting company that offers customer support in 18 different languages worldwide. To know more about them, check out this page –
  12. The efficacy of host gator customer support lies in the ability of individual staff members to intelligently interact with customers, so appropriately knowledgeable as to simplify the concepts of hosting, allowing clients a clear understanding of all problems at hand, even as they strive to provide solutions in a timely manner.
  13. The fact that host gator web hosting also follows a green message, investing heavily in wind energy is an added bonus for those more Eco minded individuals.

Known for its famous brand -the blue gator- the question of whether or not host gator is an appropriate hosting firm for your business needs is largely moot, what with a web host offering, not the cheapest of services available, but the best prices around for services offered, indeed worth every cent in providing great performance for your website while ensuring near perfect reliability and making available unlimited hosting packages alongside free web building tools for the augmentation of your hosting experience. A2hosting and Siteground presents a strong competition to hosting services provided by Hostgator. Read about Siteground hosting plans, pricing and discount coupons at You can find the best A2hosting promo here.